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About Us

BDNET is a business development network specializing in the management and execution of business in the services, industrial and commerce sectors.

We work globally but our core business is the commercial interchange with Africa of ours services and products, satisfying the emergent needs in the region.

Our Mission

  • Be the best support for our clients to sustain globally competitive advantages, with the fulfilment of their expansion needs on a global scale with the entrance in new markets.

  • Facilitate of the growing of small to large sized businesses supported by our team and partners composed by the international consultants and partners, with presence in different regions and sectors of the economy.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Strong moral and legal principles in all what we do. All our financial activities are in accordance with Islamic Laws.

  • Honesty: Full transparency of the process of give-and-take with partners, consultants, stakeholders and all involved in our activities.

  • Risk Taking: Spirit of Taking Risks with the ability to turn opportunities into great business.

  • Customer Orientation: Guiding Our Clients and ensuring their entire Satisfaction.

We are a reference as an excellent advisory in business development, that generates high earnings to everyone involved in making happen the opportunity and execute it with the delivering the highest value to our Clients.


Our organization is managed by the company BD Network S.A.R.L. with Headquarter in Tangier – Morocco created by a group of entrepreneurs and supported by our management team and businesses partners in different industries and regions.

We are present in more than 6 countries with our one companies or through our business development consultants or partner’s.