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About Us


A Private Business Network specializes in Managing and Executing Businesses.

Our organization is formed by companies and business people that participate in different ways in the business network.

Our business structure is composed by our companies, business developer’s, advisories and partner’s that participate at different levels in the execution of the business.

A group of entrepreneurs created BDNET that want to be one reference in Africa and Middle East, in business consulting in promoting and executing excellence business development, ensuring high earnings for Our Customers through our global presence.

We are a business development network, that is managed by the company BD Network S.A.R.L. with Headquarter in Tangier – Morocco and supported by our Distribution Partners in Portugal and in Spain, and our Business Hubs in Angola..

Our network it is present in several countries in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Americas.

Our network has a history of success in business and is growing every day with new business professionals and companies as consultants and partners.

Our network is present in more that 10 countries with our one companies or through of our business partner’s, developer’s and advisories.

We work globally but our main focus is the commercial interchange between Europe to Africa and Americas of our services / products and from our partners satisfying the emergent needs in that regions. By other side with our local presence we have access to the resources of the countries allowing us to have a competitive advantage globally.

Our Vision


To be a reference as a excellence business advisory network, that generates earnings to everyone that participate sharing a business opportunities and for all involved in making the deal happen, and execute it with the delivering the highest value to the client.

Our Mission

To Be the best support for our clients in their consulting, investment and trading needs on a global business scale and improve the results of both.


To Break Through in Different Markets and Countries and sustain globally competitive advantages.

Our Values

What We Do


Our Core Business is To Promote and Make the Business Happening Through our Business Networking.

Our ultimate purpose is to manage/execute the business brought by our members, with the management of their customer relationship management process, adding value to the business with our services and global presence.

We offer to our customers different business solutions that support their needs to expand their business internationally and/or improving their results, with the support of our consultant team and business partners of the network.

We develop our businesses in Key Sectors of the economic activity ensuring that all our members achieve a sustained profitability in their business.